Climate Fund Evaluation

Additional Research is supporting WYG to deliver an evaluation of the Rwanda National Fund for Environment and Climate Change (FONERWA) for the Government of Rwanda and UK Department for International Development (DFID). 

The UK’s International Climate Fund (ICF) is providing £22.5 million to FONERWA making it the largest demand-based climate fund in Africa. 

FONERWA has the overarching objective of contributing to sustainable wealth creation and poverty reduction in Rwanda, through sustainable management of natural resources, climate resilient and green economic growth. Funds are distributed to Government, private sector, civil society and communities to implement a range of projects. 

Rwanda’s economic growth plan, Vision 2020, aims to transform the country from a subsistence-agricultural economy to a knowledge-based, middle-income economy by 2020. 

However, climate change is a major threat to the economic prospects of this small, landlocked and densely populated nation with issues such as increased rainfall intensity in some areas, as well as drought in other areas, forecast to take a toll on agricultural production, energy generation, water resource management and public health. 

The evaluation includes research on the effectiveness of FONERWA as a delivery model for climate finance, which stimulates the private sector, mobilises additional resources, builds capacity, and influences policy in line with Rwanda’s Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS). 

The work will also assess the Fund’s potential long-term sustainability, and inform international donors and other organisations considering capitalising the Fund, and other developing countries examining a similar approach. 

The evaluation findings will also inform the wider evidence base being generated through the ICF, which will direct future UK government spending and potentially future climate finance resourcing models such as the Green Climate Fund.